Stream 1349 Demonoir (Stereogum Premiere)

Stream 1349 Demonoir (Stereogum Premiere)

The longstanding classic (and technical) Norwegian black metal crew 1349 got a lot of shit for switching things up on last year’s Revelations Of The Black Flame. I didn’t get the hubbub — the collection was a smart, weird, totally enjoyable curveball thrown by masters of the genre. Why not stretch your legs now and then? Folks seemed thrown off by the creaking, windswept piano, post-rock dark ambient stretches and overall slower feel, but it also rocked in a murky, fucked up way. That said, the band’s returned to a rawer, more manic Hellfire form on forthcoming fifth album Demonoir. It was recorded at Studio Nyhagen and co-produced by Tom G. Warrior, who helped mix the last one. The 13-track collection includes a few instrumental/incidental patches, but they’re shorter, Set-themed, and incorporated more seamlessly into the terror. If you thought they slowed things down on Revelations, here those experimental bits clearly ramp up the dynamics. Plus, the riffs are amazing. And Frost goes off. Stream the collection below and make up your own mind. It starts quietly with the brief “Tunnel Of Set XI” and then (sorry) all hell breaks loose.

1349 – “Tunnel Of Set XI”
1349 – “Atomic Chapel”
1349 – “Tunnel Of Set XII”
1349 – “When I Was Flesh”
1349 – “Tunnel Of Set XIII”
1349 – “Psalm 7:77″
1349 – “Tunnel Of Set XIV”
1349 – “Pandemonium War Bells”
1349 – “Tunnel of Set XV”
1349 – “The Devil Of The Desert”
1349 – “Tunnel of Set XVI”
1349 – “Demonoir”
1349 – “Tunnel of Set XVII”

Demonoir is out 4/27 via Prosthetic. You can pre-order it now.

And, breaking … The band was just about do begin a North American tour in support of the record, but the volcano’s claimed another victim:

Due to flight bans throughout parts of Europe on account of the Icelandic volcanic eruption, Norway’s 1349 has been forced to cancel tonight’s planned performance with Cannibal Corpse and Skeletonwitch in Orlando, Fla. It is currently unclear when the band, whose new album Demonoir will be released Apr. 27, will be able to reschedule their flights to the U.S. to join the tour. More information will be released as soon as it becomes available. Both Prosthetic and 1349 apologize for any inconvenience.

Check for updates at Prosthetic.

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