Latest Pumpkins Concert Drama Ends With “James Iha” Cameo

Since Billy already invited a heckler onstage to ridicule him in NYC, he had to pull out a different gimmick at Constitution Hall, D.C. This time when faced with a heckler who didn’t like the “Everything Is Beautiful” encore, which as mentioned “mixes disingenuous hippy-dippy ‘everyone is beautiful!’ lyrics with improvised sarcastic rants that outright diss the city you’re playing in, mock the fans for paying to see your band, and tell your visibly disappointed audience that you’ll see them in hell,” or the band’s earlier remake of Pink Floyd’s “Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun,” Corgan brought “James Iha” on stage to set the record straight:

During Billy Corgan’s rant-remake encore of “Everything Is Beautiful” tonight at Constitution Hall in Washington, the audience member pictured — who was agitated following the Smashing Pumpkins’ set-closing post-rock take on “Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun” — extended two middle fingers toward the singer.

Called upon by Corgan to express his dissatisfaction, the young man yelled something to the effect that the band no longer rocks. A question as to the whereabouts of James Iha was also raised. Corgan’s response was to bring a young female fan on stage, referring to her as “James Iha” and asking her what she was doing since having left the band.

There’s no video so far, but you can read the rest of the (positive) show recap at Hipsters United.

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