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Band To Watch: Threatmantics

Threatmantics are a scruffy Welsh rock trio that throw some wrinkles into the scruffy rock formula: Instead of a lead guitarist, they have a lead John Cale viola, and their drummer does double-time with a keyboard. The two guys mixing up the elements are brothers: Heddwyn (also the vocalist) and Huw Davies. Ceri Mitchell, handling electric guitar, rounds out the lineup. To date Threatmantics have released two singles and an 8-song mini-album Upbeat Love (which started out as demo and then an EP). From what we’ve been able to consume, their sound is reminiscent of a poppier Drones, Birthday Party, or Devastations, but they’re from Wales not Australia, so we’re not sure what’s up with that. They’re also much younger. Take a listen to “Don’t Care,” watch a grainy video of them performing another Upbeat track, “Big Man,” and see/hear for yourself.

Threatmantics – “Don’t Care” (MP3)

The guys in motion:

Upbeat Love is out via Double Six/Domino. You can hear more at the band’s MySpace.