The Splinters – “Splintered Bridges” Video

The Splinters are an Oakland-based foursome (three of its members met at UC Berkley) that play music inspired by ’60s girl groups and punk rock. As you can see in their playful, kinda mean, video for “Splintered Bridges,” they’re into the more rebellious streak in groups like The Shangri-Las, included to play the rebels instead of sing about them. Some of the tortures they inflict on the video’s protagonist: Putting out a cigarette on his forehead, giving him a wedgie, chewing through his vinyl records. The video was directed by Joaquin Poblete.

Short, fast, and mean:
The Splinters – “Splintered Bridges” (MP3)

“Mysterious,” another track from the debut LP Kick (not that Kick), is a stomping love/crush song, delivered in the group’s plaintive, slightly-monotone four-girl chorus. But, like “Splintered Bridges,” it refuses to come off as vulnerable. During “Mysterious”‘s own splintered bridge: “I wish I could tilt your head back and jump in / and swim up the back of the throat.”

The Splinters – “Mysterious” (MP3)

Kick is out now via Double Negative.