Blake Schwarzenbach Has A New Band

It’s called the Thorns Of Life. They’re referencing Shelley. And it’s not just Blake: The ex-Jawbreaker/Jets To Brazil frontman has come out of retirement (though I’m guessing he’s still teaching classes at CUNY) and is joined by Aaron Cometbus (!) on drums and Daniela Sea from The L Word on bass. I’ve never watched The L Word so I can’t vouch for Sea, but Schwarzenbach’s one of my favorite lyricists ever and Jawbreaker remains one of my favorite bands, a band I still listen to regularly (yes, even Dear You).

Additionally, in my opinion, there was no better zine than Cometbus. DIY Kerouac. (Plus, Aaron also played drums in Crimpshrine, Pinhead Gunpowder, etc.). When I was a youngster that zine inspired me madly as did Jawbreaker, so this is momentous. (I bet Craig Finn, who’s mentioned the influence Schwarzenbach’s had on him, is just as excited). Thorns Of Life played a show in Brooklyn last week, which is where that photo comes from. There’s more info here. They should be playing more shows soon in their Brooklyn hometown. Now please go listen to “Chesterfield King” and cry joyful tears into your beers.

[Photo via Brooklyn DIY]