Wolf Parade – “Ghost Pressure” & “What Did My Lover Say? (It Always Had To Go This Way)”

Wolf Parade will forever be divided into Camp Dan and Camp Spencer. Everyone seems to be getting along — its amicable, more an aesthetic/songwriting thing than a battle. At the start of last month we gave you details about the band’s forthcoming third album Expo 86, the details culled mostly from a Dan Boeckner interview. Now we can give you some sounds, along with more album details, this time via an interview Spencer Krug did with Pitchfork:

The question I asked of most of the songs was whether or not I would dance to them. You know in Archie comics when there’s a school dance and you see little cartoon music notes floating out of the PA speakers? I like to think this new record sounds like those notes.

As far as the dance songs you’re about to hear, one’s fronted by Dan, one by Spencer, and you won’t have any problem telling them apart. There’s also a tracklist, which I’m guessing is somehow split 50/50. Listen, do math.

Wolf Parade – “Ghost Pressure” (MP3)

Wolf Parade – “What Did My Lover Say (It Always Had to Go This Way)” (MP3)

Expo 86:

01 “Cloud Shadow on the Mountain”
02 “Palm Road”
03 “What Did My Lover Say? (It Always Had to Go This Way)”
04 “Little Golden Age”
05 “In the Direction of the Moon”
06 “Ghost Pressure”
07 “Pobody’s Nerfect”
08 “Two Men in New Tuxedos”
09 “Oh You, Old Thing”
10 “Yulia”
11 “Cave-o-Sapien”

Expo 86 is out 6/29 via Sub Pop.

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