New of Montreal – “Gallery Piece (Jon Brion Remix)” (Stereogum Premiere)

Anyone who’s been to one of superproducer Jon Brion’s residency performances at the Largo in L.A. (sadly, this does not include me) knows the man to be an encyclopedic, multi-instrumental compendium of pop music, able to recreate and revise nearly any moment in rock with his bare hands and a loop pedal or ten. This is the kind of man you get to do a remix CD. Enter of Montreal, who’ve commissioned Jon to lend his recreating, revising, superproducing digits to some Skeletal Lamping songs. As if they didn’t fold over and remix themselves enough. As a first course try out the Brion take on the slinky, littany-of-sex-type-things track “Gallery Piece,” which retains its funk, but gets an unexpected rinse of squeaky synths and 8-bit chirps. It’s Nintendo sex.

of Montreal – “Gallery Piece (Jon Brion Remix)” (MP3)

The Jon Brion Remixes album will include this track, two JB versions of the rapturous “An Eluardian Instance,” a longer version of this “Gallery Piece” remix, and an instrumental version to boot. It comes out 1/6 digitally and 1/27 on CD/LP via Polyvinyl.

And speaking of “An Eluardian Instance,” of Montreal’s making a stop at the Ed Sullivan Theatre to do Letterman on 12/18, armed with that song. That pic is from oM’s Roseland Ballroom show, and it’s worth scrolling through that spread.