Effi Briest – “Rhizomes” (Stereogum Premiere)

Expansive Brooklyn Fontane/Fassbinder-referencing psych sextet Effi Briest’s debut Rhizomes mixes hypnotic repetitions and some big choruses, a blend of dub and drone and punk. You don’t always want to trust press-release copy, but the mentions of Arthur Russell and Amon Düül make sense even if neither account for Kelsey Barrett’s powerfully chilly vocals — quiet atmospherics, full-on yelps — that can kick like a more pained, aggressive White Magic. Take a listen to the opener/title track. It hits a number of the above points in its almost six minutes.

Effi Briest – “Rhizomes”

“Long Shadow” follows “Rhizomes.” (You might recognize it from a UK 12″ put out by Loog.)

Another one from the album, “Mirror Rim.” (Loog did a single for this one, too.)

If things sound honed and assured for a debut: Bassist Elizabeth Hart also plays in Psychic Ills. Guitarist Sara Shaw’s been in a number of Brooklyn bands since back in the day (Anchor), maybe most recently the Occasion. Etc.

Rhizomes is out 5/11 via Sacred Bones. On 05/12 (tomorrow) they’re having their record release show at Union Pool with Brother, Earthborne, and DJ Hiro Kone. Look for an upcoming split with Peaches on Blast First Petite. It’ll be part of the label’s Suicide tribute series.

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