The Black Keys – “Tighten Up” Video

It’s good (and lucrative) to be the Black Keys: Their mostly self-produced album Brothers came out yesterday, last week they joined Vampire Weekend and Beck & Bat For Lashes on the new Twilight soundtrack, and last Friday they played an open-bar Microsoft KIN secret show where their headshots and things like “The Black Keys Are In The Spot” were plastered all over the walls of a souped-up downtown NYC car club turned concert hall. (The room was weird, though it was weirder when I told a friend “that girl has a Liv Tyler thing going on” and he replied “probably because it is Liv Tyler.” She looked great!) All measures of success to some degree or another for a couple of Ohio basement blues-rock dudes done good. Thankfully they’re keeping their wits, or at least their wit, about them, offering up another one of these comedically oriented Brothers music videos: Frank the dinosaur sang this song in the promo, though he settled in properly for the bikini-clad “Next Girl” video, so this one focus on Dan and Patrick, and more girls, and a playground like-father-like-son scenario. Blood and Danger Mouse’s production are both involved, in their own ways. Directed by Chris Marrs Piliero:

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Brothers came out yesterday via Nonesuch.