DOM, Happy Birthday @ Glasslands, Brooklyn 5/22/10

DOM, Happy Birthday @ Glasslands, Brooklyn 5/22/10

You hear “Living In America” and “Burn Bridges” and you think those hooks do everything right. You read DOM’s interview on Pitchfork, left with the knowledge he even says everything right, too. This show at Glasslands, an afterparty for the three-day NYC Pop Fest organized by the ever on-point PopGun folk, made the point-by-point checklist unnecessary: Turns out DOM just knows what he’s doing. It was necessarily a short set — the 23-year-old Worcester native’s has a single-digit recorded-track output to date — but every second of it worked. When the songs showcased the Sun Bronzed Greek Gods EP’s spit-shined synths, DOM and his rhythm section/occasional second guitarist played with backing tracks. But mostly this was a scrappily serrated rock show, delving into punked up surf rock (on “Crazy Gurl,” the one non-EP track streaming on MySpace) and otherwise one two-minute earworm after the next: fists up, guitar like a phallus, PBR pounded, dedicating one “to the ladies,” all bullshit cliche bundled up in a kid that somehow makes every word and move feel like a breath of fresh air. He’s positioned as the fringe-cultural ambassador for Worcester’s warehouse art scene, though you can’t always choose who claims you as theirs — and there are gonna be a lot more than the grifters of Worcester letting this kid rep their shit before long. Into it. I spent the rest of the night singing “Living In America,” download it and enjoy doing the same with the rest of your day while passing through these photos of DOM’s set (and an excellent one from Happy Birthday, too — I had to leave before Drink Up Buttercup and BOAT hit) by Sean O’Kane:

Dom – “Living In America”

Also inescapably catchy:

Dom – “Burn Bridges”

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