Gummy Awards

Happy Thanksgiving (Vote Before You Bloat)

You don’t need a calendar to know the year is wrapping up — just look at all these lists! Stereogum celebrated its fifth birthday this month, our sister site Videogum took its first steps earlier this year, and everyone should be busy casting votes for the third annual Gummy Awards. If you haven’t voted yet, polls are open until 12/2 at 6PM EST. Remember, after we close the booth, we’ll add up the results and randomly pick an entrant who’ll receive the top 50 CDs (as chosen by you, readers) and a one-year 3-DVD-at-a-time subscription to Netflix. While we’re talking Gummys, some notes about the early returns: Yes, Alopecia is on there. It’s not top 10, but neither is Weezy. Also, you can stop voting for In Rainbows; it came in its initial version last year (and topped the 2007 Gummys countdown), so it’s disqualified for 2008.

Once your vote’s in place, it’s time to think about partying: We’re making that easy by putting on a night of music (with some comic relief) at the Music Hall Of Wiliamsburg on 12/8. It’s a Gummy Awards Live event, but it’s not an awards show. Let’s dig deeper into the lineup.

The musical portion of the night will get started by past brown bear crooner and Björk coverer Bell, performing as a three-piece. The Russian-born, Alaska-raised New Yorker’s recent live sets have been especially inspired — add that to her super self-titled, self-released, and self-everything EP and we had to ask her to join us at this years Gummys.

Bell will be followed by Violens, fronted by Lansing-Dreiden’s Jorge Elbrecht. The group was recently on tour with MGMT, but this will be their last show of the year, so if you missed them earlier, here’s your chance. Also, if you missed their great “Doomed” video take a look (keep watch for the Burzum shirt) and explore deeper at MySpace.

Deerhunter, who are appearing frequently in Gummys ballots, are the night’s headliners. Bradford & Co. obviously need no introduction, but here (and here) are a couple Microcastle reminders. The group’s tour will be done at the time of the event, so they’re trekking north for this only area engagement. After that, it’ll be a Deerhunter-less winter in NYC and surrounds.

The show’s 16+, so invite your high school friends. Doors at 8, show at 9. Get your tix at Ticketmaster.