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Band To Watch: WU LYF (World Unite/Lucifer Youth Foundation)

Here are some things we’ve been able to figure out from about World Unite/Lucifer Youth Foundation: The band is based in Manchester. They’ve got a fluid membership of four to six (or more) members. According to Said The Gramophone, some or all of the members of the band used to be in a band called Vagina Wolf, and some of that band’s songs have moved over to the new project. The band go by their full name, the acronym WU LYF, WU LF, Tu-Wang Gang, and a couple other names, which they change with each show.

It’s easy to get put off by all the obfuscation (or turned on, if that’s your thing), but secrecy aside, what they have out is great. Their song “Heavy Pop” with its tortured vocals and echo drama, is a sort of opening statement and self-created genre for the band; something about the song feels somewhat religious, cultlike, the band’s secretive and spiritual literature. “Nic Cave” is from the earlier incarnation of the band, though it definitely sounds like they shared vocalist Ellery Roberts. There is some Birthday Party influence there, another thing they’ve obscured by retitling the song “Lucifer Calling” and re-recording it with a different tempo and bridge. Though not as big sounding as “Heavy Pop,” it’s got a drive of its own.

World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation – “Heavy Pop” (MP3)

Vagina Wolf (World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation) – “Nic Cave” (MP3)

Despite the intentional mystery, the band does have a manager and a publicist; the latter also pointed us to the band’s website, where they’re selling a limited edition 12” of a re-recorded “Heavy Pop” and “Concrete Gold” (the latter has a hypnotic video on another of the band’s websites). The purchase really buys you membership into WU LYF, including “entry to all Play Heavy Pop shows,” a flag, and declaration of intent poster.