Woodsman – “I Can’t Move” (Stereogum Premiere)

Woodsman is a dark, expansive psychedelic quartet from Denver. Again and again they remind me of walking into the Princeton Record Exchange back in the day and buying an unknown album just because it’s on a small experimental label I like and the cover art’s appealing (maybe a thick patch of trees or dense ivy or whatever). This is a good thing. In their press blurb they mention being inspired by the experimental filmmaker Stan Brakhage. In 2001, this band of mine did a live soundtrack for his gorgeous 1958 memory piece Anticipation Of The Night. So, again, more weird nostalgia. They also talk about the ’70s improv recordings of Miles Davis, but as mentioned when I posted their “Sunglass” video in December, I go back to the PRE and pickup ECIM by the Fahey-meets-Can crew Cul De Sac. There’s something naturalist and leaf-lined about both projects (something that goes beyond Woodsman’s name). “I Can’t Move” is from the forthcoming charity compilation Mixtapes For Haiti.

Woodsman – “I Can’t Move”

Other folks who’ll appear on the Haiti comp include Memoryhouse, Cloud Nothings, Memory Tapes, Twin Sister, RxRy, etc. You can get more info here. You should also search out Woodsman’s Mystery Tape. It’s out 6/1 (Tuesday) via Lefse. You’ll find “When Morning Comes” on it.

Woodsman – “When Morning Comes”

Mystery Tape:

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