the morning benders – “Go Grab A Stranger” & “Cold War (Wallpaper. Winter Remix)”

The morning benders are extending the arc of their breakout year on the road (following a headlining tour by partnering up with some marquee showmates including the Flaming Lips, the Black Keys, and Broken Bells) and here via headphone fodder, with a couple of bonus jams for the database: There’s “Go Grab A Stranger,” a slightly spooked-out b-side psych waltz/holdover from the Big Echo sessions that Chu says received its finishing touches just recently, and a mood-flipping “Winter Remix” of that album’s “Cold War (Nice Fight)” by Eric of Wallpaper., substituting the sunny jangle for control-room jazz and various keyboard tones. Seasons change.

Here’s the b-side:

Go grab a remix:

the morning benders – “Cold War (Wallpaper. Winter Remix)”

Big Echo is out, and you should have it. The benders’ are next in NYC on 6/5 at what was once called Irving Plaza, which is now again called Irving Plaza. Glad we cleared that up.