The Acorn – “Crossed Wires (Born Ruffians Remix)” (Stereogum Premiere)

“Crossed Wires” is restrained and measured, as if Acorns singer Rolf Klausener is conversing his energy for a bigger fight. “Oh, but you will never ever get to be / One of the unhunted,” he sings at the beginning, as if bracing (someone else, or maybe himself) for some road ahead. Born Ruffians’s remix is a bit too subtle — they put a different groove on the drums, some filters on the vocals, but the feel is pretty close to the original song, with the same forward drive. It gets more interesting once their mini-breakdown kicks in. Ruffians also add in a few synths accents, making the song fit in with the other tracks from No Ghost.

The Acorn – “Crossed Wires (Born Ruffians Remix)” (MP3)

The Acorn’s No Ghost is out 6/1 via Paper Bag in Canada, and 6/1 digitally (8/10 physically) via Bella Union. Title track “No Ghost” and “Restoration” are airier sides to the album. We also brought you the Four Tet remix, which had more stripping away and rebuilding to it than this Born Ruffians remix:

The Acorn – “Restoration (Four Tet Remix)” (MP3)

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