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Christian Mistress – “Home In The Sun” (Stereogum Premiere)

When I interviewed Fenriz of Darkthrone a few months ago, the Norwegian icon/record collector/purveyor of great metal taste mentioned Christian Mistress twice. The enthusiasm made me curious, so I asked him what it was that appealed to him about the ’80s-glancing, NWOBHM-minded Olympia quintet:

What’s not to like? They play heavy metal the old way, the exact way we enjoy it ourselves. Also, they have balls enough to turn the heaviest fuzz off when they play leads, other bands do it the opposite way. “CHRISTIAN MISTRESS HAVE BALLS!! HAHA!!!” Also, the vocalist is as cool as the Acid vocalist, but Christian Mistress has better riffs…

He laughs at the balls thing because vocalist Christine Davis is a woman. (That, and he just laughs a lot.) If you didn’t have any luck tracking down the band’s 2009 4-song demo or two-song 7″, get introduced via “Home In The Sun,” a standout from the excellent forthcoming debut full-length Agony & Opium. A real find for fans of triumphant dual leads and torn jean jackets.

Christian Mistress – “Home In The Sun”

Perfect beer-from-a-can summer music.

Agony & Opium is out 8/24 via the ever dependable 20 Buck Spin. Look for a tour in 2010 and 2011.