Gummy Awards

Deerhunter, Violens & Bell Gummy Awards Live Videos

We filled you in on this past Monday’s Gummy Awards ’08 Live at the Music Hall Of Williamsburg with Deerhunter, Violens, and Bell. Now we can offer you video from each set to backup the words we typed about the event. Add this to Videogum’s The Best Viral Videos Of 2008 In 5 Minutes, a High Places DJ set, and a slight alcohol buzz, and you’ll almost feel like you were there. A couple treats include Deerhunter’s “Saved By Old Times” and a new Bell song, “Hero.”

Bell – “Housefire”

Bell – “Echinacea”

Bell – “Hero”

Violens – “Acid Reign”

Violens – “Spectator & Pupil”

Violens – “Until It’s Unlit”

Deerhunter – “Never Stops”

Deerhunter – “Microcastles”

Deerhunter – “Saved By Old Times”

Deerhunter – “Vox Celeste”