Mr. Dream – “Scarred For Life”

Mr. Dream – “Scarred For Life”

When we first posted about Mr. Dream, I mentioned the Brooklyn trio features a couple of music writers (along with a non-writing bassist). At this point — post-“Knuckle Sandwich” anthem, a show with Sleigh Bells and M.I.A., and a beloved MacGruber Remix — it’s time to forget any Pitchfork/ex-Pitchfork connections. See, for instance, “Scarred For Life” another notch in the post-punk wall. As far as a meaning, drummer Nick Sylvester, who produced, explains: “From what I can tell, the song is about unexpected personal catastrophe, things out of your control going irreversibly wrong, etc. Business as usual!” Sylvester goes on to reference Jesus Lizard, but it may remind you of the Pixies. Bassist Matt Morello yells convincingly.

Mr Dream – “Scarred For Life”

For the Musician fans, as far as his approach to the production, Sylvester told us:

I wanted the bass to sound round like Klaus Voormann low-end but aggressive like David Sims’s attack. We used a device called a ‘rusty box’, which helped. The drums have an indifferent march of time feel, I guess? I don’t want to push it. Adam did his nauseous guitar thing and it basically worked.

True. “Scarred For Life” will be out digitally in July. Keep watch at MySpace and Twitter. If you’re in the NYC area, they’re playing 7/10 at Party Expo with Sleepies and 7/18 at People’s Improv Theater as part of the Foodstuff Variety Show.

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