Lily Allen Covers “Womanizer”

Did you watch Britney Spears’ For The Record “documentary” a few weeks ago? The pop star came off sad and confused like a character in a Christopher Guest movie (“People shave their heads all the time…“), but hey — she looks great. (So good at exercising, that girl.) While Britney was never far from public consciousness, Circus’ catchy comeback single “Womanizer” (written and produced by the Outsyders) is actually the singer’s first #1 hit since “…Baby One More Time.” So only a matter of time before HypeM is flooded with winking acoustic versions a la “Toxic.” Leading the pack is Lily Allen, whose own new tune “The Fear” pokes fun at celebutards. Her jazzy barroom version was premiered by mate Mark Ronson on East Village Radio’s Authentic Shit last night. Gigwise quotes him: “As promised, Lily has a habit of making some great bootlegs, remember her ‘[Nan, You’re A] Window Shopper’ send up? Check me out, I have a Lily Allen song you’ve never heard.” Actually he said “Check me out Stereogum, I have a Lily Allen song you’ve never heard.” Showoff.

Lily Allen – “Womanizer” (MP3)

Thanks Pigeons And Planes for the heads up.

Lily’s It’s Not Me, It’s You is out 2/10 via Capitol.

UPDATE: Lily blogs

now some of you may be wondering why i covered “womanizer”, simple really , i love britney and i love the song , it wasn’t my intention for it to have whizzed round the world like it has, mark ronson asked me for something no one had heard to play on his radio show and womanizer was the only song i had as an attachment on my blackberry and i couldn’t get home to send him anything else in time. i had asked him to talk all over it so it wouldn’t get ripped, but he didn’t , thanks mark for getting me in serious trouble with my record company.