Black Angels – “Bad Vibrations” (Stereogum Premiere)

Early BTW Black Angels’ third album, Phosphene Dream, will be their first for revived label Blue Horizon (it’s the label that released Fleetwood Mac’s debut album). Other changes for the band: They recorded outside of their hometown of Austin, at the L.A. studio of Dave Sardy, who also just produce the new Black Mountain album. This song is called “Bad Vibrations,” but they’ve been trading in ominous sounds for a while. So you might recognize the droning, burnt guitar and sense of unease here. But the song breaks into a fevered sprint at the end, as if, this time, they’ve decided to outrun the bad vibes instead of expelling them.

The Black Angels – “Bad Vibrations”

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Phosphene Dream is out 9/14 via Blue Horizon.