Interpol – “Summer Well” & “Success” (Live)

The Water Street Music Hall in Rochester, NY hosted Interpol 2.0, now with less D but much more Dave Pajo and Brandon Curtis (Secret Machines), for their first show since ’08, and their first as a quintet. The show featured bright lights, admired love, antics, and most excitingly some new tunes for the impatient, including “Lights” (which just got a video) and a couple yet-unheard: “Success” and “Summer Well.” Fogarino’s said the bleak grandeur of Turn On was at the center of their hearts and minds while making the forthcoming self-titled record, so expect something more visceral than these tinny recordings from last night, but of course, hear these tinny recordings from last night. They’re over at the Fuck Yeah Interpol tumblr (via CoS)The setlist:

“Say Hello To The Angels”
“Summer Well”
“Take You on a Cruise”
“Slow Hands”
“Obstacle 1″
“Hands Away”
“Not Even Jail”

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