Arcade Fire, Micachu & The Shapes @ Senaatintori, Helsinki 6/28/10

One of the first things you’ll noticed from the pics of Arcade Fire’s Helsinki gig is that they played in Helsinki’s historic and gorgeous Senate Square. According to photographer Elena Morelli, the band said they arrived in the city four days earlier, ready to explore and excited to play Helsinki for the first time (or, at least, they told the audience they had wanted to play Helsinki for ages). You’ll also notice that the audience is seated on the stairs. Win Butler politely told the audience to “stand the fuck up” for their set, which probably helped them see the band’s projected visuals (a car parked at a drive-in for “No Cars Go,” etc). If their artwork’s any indication, they’ll probably using lots of suburban scenes on the rest of their tour.

Their set list:

“Wake Up”
“Ready to Start”
“Month of May”
“The Suburbs”
“No Cars Go”
“Empty Room”
“Modern Man”
“Power Out”
“We Used to Wait”
“Keep the Car Running”

The Suburbs is out 8/2 in the UK and 8/2 in the US via Merge/Canada via AF’s Sonovox label. Here’s all we know about it so far.