MoMA WarmUP Kick Off @ PS1, Long Island City 7/3/10

There were massive balls bounced around in a courtyard crammed with too many smiles. Breakdance circles broke out, often. A tame reception for the day’s earliest act, Glasser, was followed by an outright dance party for the sumptuous house of Barcelona DJ John Talabot. It was my first time at MoMA’s WarmUp party, but quite apparently I was in the minority. I couldn’t tell where these people had heard of this party from: they didn’t dance hard enough to Janka Nabay’s bubu (though, they did dance to Janka Nabay’s bubu, because your body gives you no choice) to be on the True Panther mailing list (its founder Dean Bein was the day’s curator); they had too many Only God Can Fudge Me tattoos to be card-carrying MoMA members. Early in the day, Swedish balearic duo Korallreven’s DJ set featured The-Dream’s “Love King” and the place revved up. (As it should.) It was telling. WarmUp is an annual dance party series first; that it’s been curated by folks enlisting live music (including one Saturday and some Animal Collective-assists by our own Brandon Stosuy) is something new. It’ll go well, as long as the acts give those putting down $15 at the door reason to move. And they did Saturday, most of the day, in the sun somewhat, when the shade hit much more. By the time Delorean took the stage with their beach-baked bliss beats — a gorgeous breeze rolling, hands in the air and people looking in every direction but the stage somehow not feeling like an insult to the band creating the moment’s good vibes — a friend ensured me that this was the closest I’d get to an Ibiza party without going there. Bodes well for the rest of the summer.

Also worth noting: The first time I saw Glasser, at Stereogum’s CMJ Late Night ’09, she had a backing band (Eric and Jesse of Tanlines), though not on Saturday; my first night with Janka Nabay at Monster Island in Williamsburg he had only dancers, though on Saturday he brought a full band called the Bubu Gang. After the response both got at the WarmUp, it’s clear both Glasser and Janka should be rocking backing bands, all the time.

Brandon’s dedicated date (featuring DJ ?uestlove) is 8/14; full schedule is here. These photos tell you what to expect, shot lovingly by Ryan Muir.