Brandon Flowers – “Crossfire” Video (Feat. Charlize Theron)

A couple of things confirmed by the partial rollout of the Killers frontman’s solo debut: Brandon Flowers is still handsome, still sounds like Brandon Flowers. Things are going pretty OK so far! The album’s called Flamingo, and its’ first single,”Crossfire,” melds the mild dancepop sensibility of its dialed down verses to soaring rafter-rattling hooks — in other words, a perfect amalgamation of Flamingo producers’ Stuart Price and Daniel Lanois’s fortes, or in other other words, Sam’s Town.

And so there’s enough sexy and soar herein to justify a big production video, which is what we get: it starts Brandon Flowers (still handsome) in Indian Jones type attire, and in an Indiana Jones type bind (after bind), waiting to be rescued by one Ms. Theron, South Africa’s most beautiful export (next to the good sportsmanship of the World Cup, of course). There are ninjas, and fire, and a fantastic getaway car at the clip’s end. Quite stylish.

Flamingo is out in September. And recently, Brandon did “God Bless America” at the Obamas’ lawn party. Dude’s having a good month.