Cloudland Canyon – “Mothlight Part 2″ (Stereogum Premiere)

Kip Uhlhorn used to play guitar in Panthers. Before that he sang and played guitar in Red Scare. In September his psychedelic drone project Cloudland Canyon — currently Uhlhorn, his wife Kelly Winkler, and a revolving cast of players — is releasing Fin Eaves. The band formed in 2002 and it’s the third full-length since 2005, so people likely don’t need to be reminded of past musical identities — I just like keeping track of ex-hardcore dudes currently experimenting with electronics, spaciousness, dance floors, synthesizers, and/or the Siltbreeze sections of their early ’90s record collections. There are tons. It’s nice when they succeed. Uhlhorn has: Fin Eaves is definitely Cloudland Canyon’s most successful outing to date. I don’t usually like quoting one-sheets, but whoever wrote the one for Fin Eaves got the sound right: “Imagine, if you will, a Flying Saucer Attack foundation and a level of noise on par with the first two Iran albums, or maybe even Jesu every now and then.” You may also want to toss early Lilys into the mix. (Or sometime Cloudland collaborator, Rob Lowe, aka Lichens, aka a onetime post-hardcore guy.) Get started with the propulsive, Kraut-stepping “Mothlight Pt. 2.”

Cloudland Canyon – “Mothlight Pt. 2″

Fin Eaves is out 9/7 via Holy Mountain.