Radiohead’s Phil Selway, In Singer-Songwriter Mode For “The Ties That Bind Us”

Courtesy of, we have some acceptable footage of Mr. Selway fingerpicking his way through a droning little acoustic number from a live performance in New Zealand last night. The YouTube label has 7 Worlds Collide affixed, which is the title of a 2001 album culled from various performances spearheaded by Crowded House’s Neil Finn and including Johnny Marr, Eddie Vedder, Ed O’Brien, and others. As previously reported, the global all-star troupe are reprising the project, with notable addition Jeff Tweedy, via a new LP and a series of shows that took place in Auckland this week. We’ll assume this is Phil’s contribution:

The new 7 Worlds Collide LP is due this year and will benefit Oxfam. More details here. According to atease, Jeff Tweedy covered “Fake Plastic Trees” at one of these shows so obviously that will be posted ASAP.