PO PO – “Bummer Summer”

Philly’s Pakistani band-of-brothers PO PO opened a show with Wavves and Real Estate at Bowery last summer, playing too early to make the review though I did note the then-trio had “a 7? out on Mad Decent, a couple of MP3s on RCRD LBL, and a MySpace page that after a quick listen will bring to mind the Black Lips or the Germs or various other strains of garage punk stuff,” and that we’d likely hear more from them because, like the rest of the bill, they “trade(d) in fuzz and reverb” at a time when that’s all anybody felt like talking about.

I finally did catch POPO, just a few weeks ago, playing a set at Glasslands after Shannon Funchess’s Light Asylum (a project I like a lot and should have a few posts on this site by now); this was a very different PO PO though, with one less brother in tow and no instruments away from a table full of laptops, sequencers, and attendant et ceteras. This new single, “Bummer Summer,” splits the difference between PO PO past and present: dingy hissy moans, thin guitars, a simple programmed beat with a lot of garage scuzz to the bass and some summer/raga to the vocals. It’s hot-season pop, for sure, a sweaty smile of laptop grunge. Grab away. (via RCRD LBL)

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