Fol Chen – “The Holograms (Teen Daze Remix)” (Stereogum Premiere)

Vancouver’s Teen Daze offers an airy remix of “The Holograms,” turning Fol Chen’s syncopated avant gym-class pop into an airier, less rigid excursion in line with a moniker like “Teen Daze,” his shimmery “Gone For The Summer Pt 2” (or some other like-minded song belonging to an unassuming kid with photos of dappled bodies of water on his MySpace). It’s a nice shift, the original in softer, dreamier focus.

Fol Chen – “The Holograms (Teen Daze Remix)”

The original:

Fol Chen – “The Holograms”

Fol Chen’s Part II: The New December is out now via Asthmatic Kitty.