New Neko Case – “People Got A Lot Of Nerve”

There’s been some new songs live, some not-at-all suggestive album art, and even a making-of-the-record video, so having some actual studio music to hear from the Middle Cyclone sessions is pretty swell. The relaxed and playful, Nashville pop-styled tune is titled “People Got A Lot Of Nerve,” and the people she’s talking about are you chumps who are surprised that she’s a maneater. I have extrapolated this from when she repeatedly sings “I’m a man-man-man-man-man-maneater, still you’re surprised-prised-prised, when I eat ya.” I have great interpretive skills, don’t worry about it. (Also it is impossible not to add ‘watch out boy she’ll chew you up’ in this post, although I really tried.)

Neko Case – “People Got A Lot Of Nerve” (MP3)

For every blog that reposts this song through 2/3, Neko and ANTI- will make a cash donation to the wonderful animal rescue nonprofit Best Friends Animal Society. Details here.

Mark your calendar for 3/3 to buy Middle Cyclone which will come via ANTI-.

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