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Morne – “Machine” & “Untold Wait”

I owe Darkthrone for this one. When I interviewed Fenriz, I asked him about the Teitanblood patch Max Necro’s wearing on Circle The Wagon’s cover. His response: “Ted and me had settled for Morne. Dennis drew in Teitanblood, we both like them as well.” Morne’s still on there, too, written in bold letters up Necro’s arm. Somehow I slept on their excellent Untold Wait, the crusty Boston sludge quintet’s first proper full-length after a demo and a couple splits. It came out last July. The band spent two years working on it and you get that sense of patience and attention to detail in its seven tracks: From 9-minute stringed opener “Eyes” to the almost 12-minute stringed closer “Sorrow,” the songs are a crushing mix of heavy doom dynamics and denim-jacket punk with gorgeously somber, soaring guitars and subtly synth-expanded atmospherics. I’ve seen people reference Isis, but I’d be more apt to bring up Bay Area Weakling/Dystopia-associated heavies Asunder — Amber Asylum’s Jackie Perez-Gratz contributed to Asunder’s Works Will Come Undone, Amber Asylum’s Kris Force and 13’s Alicia Morgan guest herein — mashed with later Amebix or one of the Morne dude’s past crust affiliates, Filth Of Mankind, Disrupt, Grief, etc. The rollicking “Machine” (track 5) and Neurosis-tickling “Untold Wait” (track 6) offer a meaty intro to a couple of the group’s various angles. That said, you’re best off hearing Untold Wait in its sorta perfect 50-minute whole.

Morne – “Machine”

Morne – “Untold Wait”

As far as the history, since people seem to get it wrong: Filth Of Mankind’s guitarist/vocalist Milosz Gassan formed the band in 2005. He was joined by bassist (and onetime keyboardist) Max Furst and drummer Kevin Adams in 2007. (Adams was replaced by Erik Larson, Avail and Alabama Thunderpussy fans, but according to a note at the band’s website, they’re in search of a new full-time drummer who can plays “slow, steady, and heavy.”) Grief/Disrupt’s Jeff Hayward joined up to add additional guitar/vocals in 2008. After they recorded Untold Wait in 2009, they signed up keyboardist and “sound manipulator” Ian Shultz. Onward…

Untold Wait is out via Feral Ward.

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