New Odawas – “Swan Song Of The Humpback Angler” (Stereogum Premiere)

Since Odawas were last on our laptops with the whistling, psychedelic dirge “Alleluia” and the rest of the excellent Raven And The White Night LP, the Indianapolis trio moved to Chicago, cut one member, saw another get married, etc. Then they wrote an album. That’s a lot of change we can believe in, if we are to believe in press sheets, so it’d be wrong to expect a Raven: Part Deux followup. These advance tracks from the forthcoming The Blue Depths do see Odawas putting a twist on their Neil Young-on-Sophtware Slumping sound — with an unexpected nod toward ’80s pop; cue the starry synths, the slight drum machines, the melancholy melodies. They haven’t gone the full M83 here, you can still hear the Lytle and the Coyne and the acoustic guitars in the undertow, but overall the era shift is a good fit. Try ‘em:

Odawas – “Swan Song Of The Humpback Angler” (MP3)
Odawas – “Harmless Lover’s Discourse

Nice. For contrast:

Odawas – “Alleluia” (MP3)

The Blue Depths is out 2/18 via Jagjaguwar.

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