Cut Copy @ Metro, Chicago 8/6/10

Chicago’s noise ordinances mean festivals ending by 10PM. Festivals ending by 10PM mean 80,000 drunk people looking for something to do around the time New Yorkers are usually waking up from their disco naps. On a night with no dearth of afterparty options, the one with most luster seemed to be Cut Copy’s set at the Metro, a sold-out show and nonstop hands-in-the-air affair. We had photographer Tyler Trykowski there to capture the night in pics (Dragonette opened). Today Cut Copy plays Lolla; on Sunday they headline the Modular-curated JellyNYC Pool Party back in Williamsburg, with BTW Restless People, Glasser, and Memory Tapes opening. Go, this band is seemingly incapable of playing a bad show. New album’s out early next year, “Where I’m Going” is available right now.