My Morning Jacket @ The Greek Theatre, Los Angeles 8/12/10

One respectable way to spend last night’s meteor shower w as with My Morning Jacket, dressed in period attire, performing the hailed new song “Circuital,” nailing most every stop on the discography save their Xmas album. Graeme Flegenheimer was there and brings back these photos, and the setlist you’ll find below.

01 “At Dawn”
02 “Golden”
03 “It Beats”
04 “Gideon”
05 “Anytime”
06 “Mahgeetah”
07 “War Begun”
08 “Circuital”
09 “Where To Begin”
10 “Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Pt. 1″
11 “Dancefloors”
12 “Tonight”
13 “Wonderful”
14 “Dondnate”
15 “I’m Amazed”
16 “Highly Suspicious”
17 “Smoking From Shootin”
18 “End of Run Thru”
19 “Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Pt. 2″
20 “Wordless Chorus”
21 “Off The Record”
22 “Steam Engine”
23 “One Big Holiday”