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White Moth – “You Texas, Dark Star” (Stereogum Premiere)

What’ve you been up to this summer? Chances are, not as much as R. Loren. I’ve already posted a couple of tracks from the Texas musician’s Sailors With Wax Wings. In addition to his work under that moniker and and his black metal-ambient Pyramids, Loren has another new project, White Moth. He describes it as being “more along the lines of digital hardcore.” As is evident via the inclusion of Atari Teenage Riot’s Alec Empire on the contributor list. (Empire handles/layers in vocals, TR 808, Linndrum, Roland Jupiter 8, Roland RS-202, Arp Solina, Arp 2600, Minimoog). The album also features help from Teenage Jesus/Downtown hellion Lydia Lunch, Dälek, Krallice multi-tasker Colin Marston, Asunder/Weakling’s John Gossard, Frodus howler Shelby Cinca, H.N.A.S. multi-instrumentalist Christoph Heemann, Zs saxophonist Sam Hillmer, Touch sound sculptor Jacob Kirkegaard, and Ashley Scott Jones (aka Treasure Fingers). No matter the lineup, or the number of folks adding beats and electronics to the dark cacophony, Loren clearly carries the most weight, and you’ll find plenty of threads linking White Moth to his other work(s): He’s expanding a central aesthetic/showing us another angle in an overall musical landscape. See, for instance, the explosive concision of “You Texas, Dark Star.”

White Moth – “You Texas, Dark Star”

White Moth is out in October via Angel Oven. Wealking fans will be happy to hear Gossard’s vocals pop (and get chopped up) on the closer, “To The Cathedral.” Dälek and Lunch contribute vocals to “Shoot The Clock.” Kirkegaard’s field recordings of water drift beneath the entire collection. Blood Of The Black Owl’s Chet W. Scott did the cover art.