Thorns Of Life @ Center For The Arts, Eagle Rock 1/23/09

There’s no shortage of Blake Schwarzenbach respect around here, so when we found out the man’s new band with Aaron Cometbus and Daniela Sea (of L Word fame) were playing a few shows in L.A. we tried to atone for missing that one show out East by sending someone to take photos. That someone, Andrew Youssef, attended the trio’s set at the Center for the Arts in Eagle Rock on Friday and reports back that No Age’s Dean Spunt, Members of Mika Miko, and Chris Shiflett from No Use For A Name/Foo Fighters were also in attendance, filling out a room that was already the event of choice on a night that saw Animal Collective cancel their L.A. gig. More important to fanboys, Schwarzenbach quoted Martin Heidegger on stage (check out the last video after the jump during the talk on technology) and asked the audience if they saw the Thorns Of Life album on YouTube. Andrew’s analysis of the music itself: “It was a fine blend of Jawbreaker and Jets To Brazil but leans slightly more to Jawbreaker.” True. It was the first of three weekend shows for ToL, including a secret show for 80 folks at Sis’s Bar, a dive in Wilmington. Andrew was there for a few shots, too. In addition to the photos, we have some YouTube footage gathered from the Brooklyn band’s West Coast jaunt.

Thorns Of Life – Two Songs

Thorns Of Life – “New York’s Giving Me The Creeps”

Thorns Of Life – Last Song

All of these come via YouTube user seanbonner. Last week the Village Voice’s Sound Of The City posted a solo acoustic Blake performance, but these songs clearly sound best fleshed out and messy.