MR. INTL – “And I’m (So In Love With You)”

Still waiting for Andy Butler to wrap up and ship out the next Hercules & Love Affair record — which would follow an eponymous masterstroke of a debut and feature a mostly new cast of characters, since some of the old crew’s on to the next one. In the meantime Butler’s created MR. INTL, a label about which he has clearly defined parameters: “I don’t want anything that sounds pre ’85 or post ’94 … I want to evoke strictly that sound on this label, so I’ve been pretty hard ass with people in terms of what the output is.” To that end comes the track “And I’m (So In Love With You),” which furthers that state intent by using exclusively the sort of house-meets-techno analog technology of 1992. It’s a good H&LA installment stopgap: MR. INTL – “And I’m (So In Love With You)”

There will be a live tour for MR. INTL with Hercules’s new live lineup, which features Kim Ann Foxman, Aerea Negrot and Shaun Wright. Details on that forthcoming.