New Black Lips – “Short Fuse”

My guess is that Vice didn’t want to release this next single from Black Lips’ 200 Million Thousand until they could be sure the GA crew weren’t still on the lam in India. Well worry not publicists, the band is safely engaging in IM sessions from King Khan’s house in Berlin, and that dude is a slightly more liberal Indian than the ones they fled. So it’s OK to get naked again! Meanwhile this it’s-appropriate-to-post-this-since-the-band-is-safe track is fairly superb, in line with the band’s Progress Report promise (more melodic, but not overproduced), drawing a bit on state-mates R.E.M.’s jangly salad days in the verse, with plenty of weird whooshing space sounds to keep tight to their “flower-punk” self-descriptors. Also, the lyrics? “Don’t lock me up I got a short fuse”? Relevant!

Black Lips – “Short Fuse” (MP3)

200 Million Thousand is out 2/24 on Die Slaughterhaus/Vice Music. Don’t stare at it too hard.

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