New Lotus Plaza (Lockett Pundt Of Deerhunter) – “Red Oak Way” (Stereogum Premiere)

Lotus Plaza is the solo project of Deerhunter multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Lockett Pundt. His excellent first collection of songs The Floodlight Collective features ten great examples of layered melodic dream pop. You’ll hear echoes of his other project, for sure, but from the majestic echo chamber of “These Years” to the warped reverb and melodicism of “Different Mirrors,” the Lilys/Swirlies-on-’60-sockhop “Quicksand,” and “What Grows?”‘s rock ‘n’ roll shoegaze, it interestingly messes with the idea that Bradford Cox is the sole songwriting force behind that band. See, for example, opening track “Red Oak Way.” Much more than what you’d expect from a “side project.”

Lotus Plaza – “Red Oak Way” (MP3)

Not sure if you can tell from this crop, but that’s the Lotus Plaza in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia behind this Lotus Plaza, Lockett.

The Floodlight Collective 3/23 via Kranky.