Twig Harper & Daniel Higgs – “Number Two” (Stereogum Premiere)

When I posted Say God’s “Hoofprints On The Ceiling Of My Mind” I reiterated my respect for Daniel Higgs, talked about the influence he had on me as a youngster (via Lungfish), and his excellent solo material (that crusty combo of long-neck banjo, jew’s harp, noise, organ drone, bird songs, art, alchemy, his personal Gospel/life philosophy), etc. This time I can cut to the chase: Clairaudience Fellowship is Higgs’ gorgeous, expansively hushed (and not surprisingly devotional, profound) vinyl-only collaboration with Baltimore underground noise mainstay/Tarantula Hill community builder Twig Harper (see Scheme, Mini-Systems, especially Nautical Almanac). Harper explains the title (“Clairaudience: to hear beyond physical vibration. Fellowship: in a communal or collaborative way”) and the collection:

This record is a setting of experience by creating a bridge inside the ear striving to see linguessence/utterance immediately prior to verbal distinction placed firmly inside a double helix weave ultra verbal mirror … This is a really special record, something that’s been silently brewing in the backs of our minds for years, unknown and hidden even to us until we decided to let it breathe.

An introduction via the hypnotic “Number Two.” (The songs are titled “Number One” through “Number Seven.” They warp, grow increasingly inward.)

Twig Harper And Daniel Higgs – “Number Two”

Harper explains the overall process:

Daniel brought intonation of previous transcribed word forms a resonation of the immediate experience of the responsive reaction of the recording as it was unfolding and taking place. The sounds formed by non-linear processing techniques, so that we would be able to receive the channeled manifestation. Tape loops that moved according to what sounds and air pressure vibrating the room, smoke filled mixing boards set to multiple effect chained feedback circuits, open minds, synthesizers with independent sound wills interacting with ours, and hidden layers of multiple spoken tracks thrown in a syncronistic overlayment that was sculpted and raised to the heavens.

The Clairaudience Fellowship LP is out 9/21 via Thrill Jockey in an edition of 1,000. Daniel and Twig will tour together in October.