Islands Played Unicorns & Daniel Johnston Songs For Big Terrific’s Big Show @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg, Brooklyn

There’s a comedy show here in Williamsburg that makes for really good Wednesday diversions. It’s called Big Terrific, it happens in the Cameo Lounge (which sits in back of the Loving Cup on N. 6th Street), there’s a special on all-you-can-drink High Life which is pretty disgusting/convenient, it regularly features all sorts of rising and established comics (from people you haven’t heard of to like Zach Galifianakis, John Mulaney, Sarah Silverman, Eugene Mirman, or Aziz Ansari), and it’s run by some friends of the ‘Gums: Gabe Liedman aka Videogum Glee master, Max Silvestri aka Gummy Awards Host and at least 50 seconds of Gabe and Max’s 100 Seconds, and Jenny Slate who you may also know as a shell of anthropomorphic adorability named Marcel, or Stella from Bored To Death, or from a promising season on SNL.

The show’s free, always — which means you can and should go tonight — except last week, when it moved to Music Hall Of Williamsburg for a ticketed Big Terrific blowout, featuring a spread of very funny people (including Todd Barry, Sean Sullivan, Videogum human target Joe Mande, and the New York Times-profiled Jesse Popp). Also there was a set from Islands, which in addition to featuring material by the band Islands, also featured material by the band Unicorns, and a medley of songs by Daniel Johnston. If you missed this show, you can see photos here by Natasha Ryan, or video of Nick Thorburn’s Daniel Johnston covers (“True Love Will Find You In The End” and “Honey I Sure Miss You”) below.

As far as the comedy part, there’s Big Terrific every Wednesday, but there’s something sooner: Videogum’s Back To School Party tomorrow night. It’s at the Bell House, it’s 21+ and there’s a nice lineup overlap with this photo set as our party will have Gabe Liedman, and Max Silvestri, and Joe Mande (and also John Mulaney and Jon Glaser, and of course, our host/Monster’s baller Gabe Delahaye). Also, there will be a DJ set from me. And it’s free! As is Big Terrific. So, come to Brooklyn and hang out tomorrow, or some other Wednesday, and/or click around in this post to be relieved of this ridiculous summer-ending stress we’re all feeling these days via laughter and Islands.

Here’s Thorburn on Johnston: