Kanye West – “Devil In A New Dress”

Here’s the change-up from Ye’s Bon Iver-packing, spitfire face-smacker “Monster,” the next in the series of tracks @kanyewest’s promised to tweet every Friday from now until Xmas, from his forthcoming Good Ass Job Dark Twisted Fantasy LP. It’s a throwback track production wise, Bink!’s production centered on a soulful R&B sample, pitch-shifted up, a balladic backdrop for Kanye to play with Jesus talks and their attendant metaphors while sliding into come-ons (“Put your hands to the constellations / the way you look should be a sin you’re my sensation”) and ego trips (“Hood phenomenon, the LeBron of rhyme / Hard to be humble when you’re stunting on a Jumbotron”). Downloadable:

Kanye West – “Devil In A New Dress”

(via Kanye)

Album’s due 11/16. And in case you missed Kanye’s two hour Twitter rant Saturday morning, Gizmodo’s formatted it into graphs for easier parsing. An excerpt:

Man I love Twitter.

I’ve always been at the mercy of the press, but no more… The media tried to demonize me. They wanted y’all to believe I was a monster in real life so you guys wouldn’t listen or buy my music anymore. I feel like they were waiting for the opportunity to go in all the way on me, and when it came, they beat me to a pulp. Even now a lot of articles start their first two paragraphs about how much of an asshole I am.

I accept the idea (ideal) that perception is reality. When I say perception is reality I mean whatever you think is the truth is your truth. Some people’s truth is Kanye is racist—It’s not my truth, but I do believe it’s my Karma… walk with me…

With the help of strong will, a lack of empathy, a li’l alcohol, and extremely distasteful and bad timing, I became George Bush over night. How deep is the scar? I bled hard. Cancelled [a] tour with the number one pop star in the world. Closed the doors of my clothing office. Had to let employees go.

For the first time, I felt the impact of my brash actions. People booed when I would go to concerts and the performer mentioned my name. Remember in Anchor Man when Ron Burgandy cursed on air, and the entire city turned on him? But this wasn’t a joke. This was and is my real life.

Much more (“Who’s seen the play Wicked? I’ve seen it 4 times!”) here.