Browse Weezer’s Hurley Clothing Line

As mentioned, PacSun and Hurley (the clothing company) are teaming up to sell Hurley (the Weezer album) ahead of its September 13 release. According to PacSun, you and your best friends can buy the album inside PacSun starting this Friday. Also on sale? Limited edition Weezer clothing, as part of their partnership with Hurley (the clothing company). All the pieces come in shades of green, grey, and white, thought not all are explicitly “Weezer” items (as the press release says they’re “Weezer-inspired”). Take, for example, the puffy vest below, which doesn’t advertise your Weezer fandom as much as make you look like Rivers Cuomo:

Rivers Cuomo Hurley Clothing Line

That concludes this Weezer alert. But, what do you think of the clothing? The baseball t-shirt and plaid shirt are cute, though I’m always uncomfortable when companies do new (and, more expensive) versions of thrift store finds. If “Weezer-inspired” refers to the band’s nerdy, ’90s look of worn cardigans/hoodies, plaid shirts buttoned up to the throat, ’70s sportswear, etc., then isn’t it more to the spirit of the band to get the originals in thrift stores? I’ll think about this while browsing Urban Outfitters’s fall catalog.

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