Martin Courtney IV (Real Estate) – “Kicker of Elves”/”As We Go Up We Go Down” (Guided By Voices Covers)

These GBV covers by BTW Real Estate’s frontman appear on Guided By Guided By Voices, a cassette compilation out via Wild Animal Kingdom. In the spirit of a Robert Pollard collage, he opted to pair songs from different albums (Bee Thousand and Alien Lanes, respectively). Interestingly, Real Estate bandmate Alex Bleeker shows up on the comp, too: I always figured Real Estate were guided by Galaxie 500, the Grateful Dead, weed, Uncle Wiggly, and Ridgewood.

Martin Courtney IV – “Kicker Of Elves / As We Go Up We Go Down” (Guided By Voices Covers)
(Via Chocolate Bobka)

Here’s Bleeker’s take on “Motor Away” with Family Portrait’s Evan Brody.

Alex Bleeker & Evan Brody – “Motor Away” (Guided By Voices Cover)

Guided By Guided By Voice is out via WAK in an edition of 100 cassette. The tracklist:

01 GBGBVOLYWA – “Intro”
02 Invisible Hand – “Non-Absorbing”
03 Chromium Bitch – “Tractor Rape Chain”
04 No Demons Here – “Wondering Boy Poet/Game of Pricks”
05 Martin Courtney IV – “Kicker of Elves/As We Go Up We Go Down”
06 Andrew Cedermark – “A Good Flying Bird”
07 Air Waves – “Back To The Lake”
08 Big Troubles – “A Big Fan of the Pigpen”
09 Alex Bleeker & Evan Brody – “Motor Away”
10 Eternal Summers – “A Salty Salute”
11 Pill Wonder – “My Valuable Hunting Knife
12 Hallelujah The Hills – “Chicken Blows
13 FZ – “I Am A Scientist”
14 Harpoon Forever – “Awful Bliss”
15 Citymouth & Chromium Bitch – “They’re Not Witches”
16 Fluffy Lumbers – “Club Molluska”
17 Dana Jewell – “14 Cheerleader Coldfront”