the morning benders – “Ram On” (Paul McCartney Cover) & Echomix2 Download

Following up on the last splash of their maiden echomix, now apparently (and thankfully) a series, the morning benders have delivered the sequel titled apparently (and fittingly) echomix 2. The formula is as follows: roughly one half-hour of Chris Chu-approved tunes running the genre gamut from R. Kelly to Harry Nillson with lesser known fare and other chestnuts in between, embedded with a special gift of a heretofore unheard, specially recorded for this mix cover by the benders. (Not that these dudes are strangers to covers.) Last time they played the echomix game, the benders covered Joanna Newsom over a J Dilla Donuts beat. Today’s chestnut: an “R&B-ified” take on Paul McCartney’s “Ram On,” dropped deep into the mix’s 29 minutes, but also offered up a la carte if your attention span isn’t built to last:

the morning benders – “Ram On” (Paul McCartney Cover)

The full mix:

the morning benders – echomix 2

Nino Rota “Amore Per Tuti”
Fur “Polybreak”
Parsley Sound “Ease Yourself and Glide”
R. Kelly “Exit”
Teen Inc. “Fountains”
Paul McCartney “Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey”
Jai Paul “BTSTU (Demo)”
The Morning Benders “Ram On (Paul McCartney Cover)”
Four Mints “You’re My Desire”
Harry Nilsson “Early In The Morning”

Incidentally, if you dig RAM and covers of it, our friends at Aquarium Drunkard compiled a track-for-track tribute to the LP from various L.A. artists titled RAM On L.A.; it’s a free download.

Finally, Chris Chu is fleshing out a production resumé that already includes a triumph in Miniature Tigers’ Fortress with his work on the forthcoming debut full-length by the Bay Area’s Chloe Makes Music. In fact, the track “Duel” is a duet between Chloe and Chris, and that’s here for you to enjoy:

Chloe Makes Music – “Duel” (Feat. Chris Chu)

(via The Bay Area Bridged via 24Bit)