Computer Magic – “Victory Gin”

BTW Computer Magic, aka DJ/blogger Danielle, will be recording sometime this fall. In the meantime she’s been writing and recording new songs, bundling them into mini-EPs for download through her website. “Victory Gin” is her latest track, and it’s inspired by 1984. Victory Gin is a powerful drink that makes you feel like you’ve been hit in the head in the novel. Hard to associate anything dark or dystopian with this sweet, guileless track:

Computer Magic – “Victory Gin”

Danielle also put together some of the songs we posted last time — “On VHS,” “Electronic Fences” with some new songs, like the title track to the EP, “Hiding From Our Time” for a free downloadable seven-song EP. That cover works well with her music: innocent, whimsical, and dreamy, with its head in space, rather than in the clouds. Have a listen to “Hiding From Our Time,” and download the EP here. This track kicks off the EP, hence the dramatic opening synth chords:

Computer Magic – “Hiding From Our Time”

Computer Magic – “Electronic Fences”

Computer Magic -“On VHS”