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Necrite – “Bereft Of Hope”

San Francisco Bay trio Necrite honed their massive drone-and-doom black metal across five early demos, nailing an exploratory-meets-orthodox (almost French-seeming) intensity on this official five-song 66+ minute full-length debut, Sic Transit Gloria Mundi. As mentioned, it’s one of this year’s strongest “debuts.” Each track’s multi-layered, heavy, unexpected — weird, repetitious mantras thick with creepy, dank, bleak ambiance and multiple twists. The dungeon drips at the beginning of the 27-minute title track might remind you a bit of Lustmord or Gnaw Their Tongues, but ultimately this stuff will be swallowed whole by fans of Weakling, (especially) Leviathan, the avant-French, and other dense BM noisemakers. You’ll see what I mean while listening to “Bereft Of Hope,” a song the truly kvlt will remember in slightly different form from the 2008 demo of the same name.

Necrite – “Bereft Of Hope”

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi:

01 “A Mass for the Harvest of Death”
02 “Bereft of Hope”
03 “Bathing Open Wounds with Shards of Glass”
04 “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi”
05 “Worship the Sunn ((O))”

Sic Gloria Transit Mundi is out 11/2 via the up-and-coming Flenser. (Keep eyes peeled for Pale Chalice.) The only wrong note on this particular collection is the closing track, “Worship the Sunn ((O)).” Sonically, a nice mix of that funereal, buried-alive feel and the drone of their heroes, but we could’ve done without the obviousness. Still, super stuff. A couple live dates:

10/23 – San Jose, CA @ The Caravan
11/17 – San Francisco, CA @ DNA Lounge

Necrite - Sic Gloria Transit Mundi

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