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Two More Reasons Kylesa’s Spiral Shadow Should Be Near The Top Of Your Year-End Metal List

If you’ve paid attention, you know where I stand on Kylesa’s fifth album (and 2010 best of contender) Spiral Shadow. It’s an album that works best within its own snowballing context, so take a listen to a couple key anthems “To Forget” and “Don’t Look Back” and then do look back at opener “Tired Climb” and “Forsaken.” You’ll really hear the Built To Spill influence in “To Forget.” “Don’t Look Back”‘s one of the single most triumphant tracks of the year. Put it all together and you’ll get an idea what makes this record special.

Kylesa – “To Forget”
Kylesa – “Don’t Look Back”

“Tired Climb” again:

Kylesa – “Tired Climb”

Another shot at decoding its video:

Spiral Shadow is out 10/26 via Season Of Mist. Thoughts, hipsters?

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