New Art Brut – “Alcoholics Unanimous”

The first track on Art Brut’s forthcoming “punk-as-fuck,” Black Francis-produced Art Brut Vs. Satan is “Alcoholics Unanimous.” The tale of drinking too much and dealing with it the next day isn’t especially harrowing — we’re expecting later songs like “Demons Out!” and “Mysterious Bruises” to be more worthy of the dark overlord. For now, “AU” finds Eddie Argos going on about apologetic group texts, lots of tea and coffee, the inability to form complete sentences and hiding it well, but not feeling great. A good one for folks who stayed out too late last night. Even if it hurts, stick around for the post “etc.” breakdown:

Hangover, Cure.

Art Brut Vs. Satan is out 4/20 in Europe via Cooking Vinyl and 5/12 in the US via Downtown. “Alcoholics Unanimous” is out 4/6 in the UK.

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