Download A Studio Version Of Superchunk’s Misfits Cover

Last week Danzig surfaced to discuss those kitty litter photos and, more fittingly, via a cover of “Bullet” by Black Flag-nodding Louisville punk trio Coliseum. Halloween ought to last forever, so here’s Superchunk tackling “Horror Business.” Andrew mentioned their take on the 1979 classic in his recap of the band’s 10/19 show at the Music Box. You don’t need to leave the comfort of your haunted house for this studio version.

Superchunk – “Horror Business” (Misfits Cover)

Here’s a video of the band doing it at that Music Box show: Jon Wurster handles vocals, Samhain drummer London May uses Wurster’s kit.

While we’re here, Ted Leo did an entire Misfits cover set with the help of TV Casuality Thursday night in Philadelphia. Watch it in sections at YouTube.