New Cryptacize – “Tail & Mane” (Stereogum Premiere)

Ex-Deerhoof guitarist Chris Cohen’s present project Cryptacize hit the Asthmatic Kitty roster last year, subsequently earning this gush from St. Sufjan:

They make music that is refreshingly coherent, stewed with deliberate melodies, a refinement of instrumentation, no excess, nothing wasted, nothing lost … These songs are not trifles, but rather cryptic haiku poems that expand toward a vast cosmic significance.

Dig. That was in reference to the weird-pop crew’s last work Dig That Treasure, and he didn’t leave much room to be further impressed, although the forthcoming Mythomania probably calls for it. The new record sees the trio refine their eccentricities just enough to make a “pop” label stick more closely, although the Nedelle Torrisi-fronted love song “Tail & Mane” is still alluring in its weirdness, a slew of electronic chirps skittering off of the track’s throwback, clopping gypsy pop.

Cryptacize – “Tail & Mane” (MP3)

Here’s a Mythomania medley by Burning Star Core man C. Spencer Yeh to further acquaint your ears:

Cryptacize – “Mini-Mythomania” (C Spencer Yeh Remix Medley) (MP3)

If you dig, check out the flood of Mythomania MP3s hitting the web today at GvsB and MOKB.